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<span>Learn about</span> Norfolk Island

Learn about Norfolk Island

The World of Norfolk. Small world. No small wonder.

Please enjoy this recently released footage (video courtesy of Norfolk Island Tourism). It is the best way of showing you our Norfolk Island – a unique destination, scenic, pristine and peaceful, and rich in culture and history.

Norfolk Island is an Australian territory, with its own distinct government, traditions and history.

For the Australian and New Zealand traveller, this is an opportunity to enjoy an overseas experience without travelling far from home.

Polynesian visitors travelled to our island over the centuries in their canoes, and left behind evidence of their settlement.

Captain Cook was the first European to discover the island in 1774.

Between 1788 and 1855, there were two periods of British penal colonial occupation, with many beautiful Georgian buildings remaining.

In 1856, the Bounty descendants moved here from Pitcairn Island to make Norfolk Island their new home. Their rich traditions and history continue to this day, and they love to share it with visitors.

Between 1866 and 1920, the Melanesian Mission had a training College for Melanesian students here, and the Melanesian Mission Chapel of St

Barnabas is probably one of the most visited tourist attractions in the South Pacific.

Norfolk Island has a sub-tropical environment, and an equable climate. It is a place of great beauty and interest for the traveller.

The island is a peaceful paradise, a long way from high rises, crowds and the fast pace of many modern holiday destinations. However, we do offer many modern conveniences and facilities here, and good communications with the mainland.

We use Australian currency, and our time zone slots between those of Australia and New Zealand.

Norfolk Island is a place where you can still see the stars at night, and you can watch the sun both rise and set over the sea!

We are only 5 kms x 8 kms, but there is a great variety of things to do and experience for both young and old. Come and see for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions (click to open)

Q:Do I need travel insurance?
A:Yes. Travel Insurance is highly recommended. Although Norfolk is small and safe, a medical emergency or an accident could be very costly and may not be covered by Australia or NZ or your existing insurances. It will also be extra peace of mind should there be delays with the planes.
Q:If Norfolk is such a small place, surely I don’t need a car. We’re youngish and fit, we will just walk everywhere.
A:Luckily here at Fletcher Christian the shopping, cafes, clubs and visitor facilities are all within walking distance. However to make the most of Norfolk’s spectacular scenery and to get to all the idyllic spots easily, no matter how young and fit you think you are, a car is advisable! Norfolk Island has over 140km of roads, most of the coastline is rugged and the terrain is far from flat. If you don’t drive there are plenty of touring companies and other options to get you out and about the island.
Q:Can I use my mobile phone on Norfolk.
A:Yes – some of them! Since early 2011 inward international roaming is available to visitors on some networks who have international roaming activated on their post paid mobiles. Roaming costs can be high, so check with your network provider beforehand. Presently roaming is available for those with Telstra Australia, Vodafone Australia and Telecom XT New Zealand. Roaming is not available for Optus Australia mobiles or for any pre paid mobiles.

Norfolk Island does have its own small network. You can purchase a Norfolk Island sim card and use it in your network- unlocked mobile whilst on the island which will allow mobile texts and calls at very reasonable rates. Many visitors here on holiday are here to ‘get away from it all’ and will happily abandon their mobiles while they are here.

Q:How much liquor can I take back?
A:If you present your airline ticket at the Norfolk Island Liquor Bond Store, you are entitled to a huge 30% off the already cheap price of most of the spirits and liqueurs up to 3L per person. The Australian Duty Free Allowance for taking liquor back is 2.25L of spirits, beer or wine per person over 18. The New Zealand Duty Free Allowance is 1.125L of spirits or 4.5L of beer, wine or sherry per person over 18. You can pool your duty free concessions if you are a family travelling together.
Q:What is the time difference?
A:Norfolk is normally half an hour behind New Zealand. When New Zealand is on daylight savings, Norfolk is one and a half hours behind. Norfolk is 1 hour ahead of NSW and QLD, however when NSW is on daylight savings, it is half an hour ahead. Norfolk Island does not have daylight saving.
Q:I will be coming over from New Zealand. Will it be easy to exchange my money?
A:Norfolk Island uses Australian currency. It is serviced by two Australian banks who are open during normal business hours and can do currency exchange. Most retailers and business outlets will accept Visa or Mastercard. There are also two ATM machines which will allow you to draw cash from your NZ Eftpos card and do cash advances from your credit card if you have a PIN number.
Q:Can I feel safe on Norfolk Island?
A:Yes. The island is a very peaceful place, with very little crime. The pace if life is slower, and you will find you have left fast busy traffic behind. There are no poisonous snakes or insects. It is a very clean island, and you will not experience any graffiti or serious litter problems. You will find all our locals very open and friendly, and keen to make sure your stay here is as comfortable and hassle free as possible. About the only ‘hazard” you will encounter are the cows on the roads, who have ‘right of way!.’ But don’t worry, they will help you to adapt to the slow leisurely pace we enjoy here!
Q:What sporting activities can I enjoy on Norfolk Island?
A:We have a wide range of sporting activities here. Our waters offer opportunities for swimming, snorkelling and fishing. Horseriding is available, as are a number of walking or boating tours. We have a picturesque golf course, tennis and squash courts and a very active Lawn Bowling club. Clay target, pistol shooting and Archery are enjoyed here. All local clubs welcome the participation of visitors.

Things to do on Norfolk Island (click to open)

Norfolk Island has so much to offer every type of traveller, young or old. You will love our spectacular views and scenery, whether you experience them

  • from the comfort of a tour bus
  • in your hire car
  • on foot
  • on a bike
  • on horseback
  • on a scenic flight
  • from a boat around the coastline.

There are numerous guided tours available, catering for a wide range of special interests. Whether you are interested in History, Flora and Fauna, Arts and Crafts, Fishing, Farming or Gardening, there are many tours, activities and places to visit.

Sporting enthusiasts will enjoy their stay, with many activities easily accessible at a reasonable cost. It may be a quiet game of golf, a friendly game of tennis, a vigorous game of Squash, or a roll-up on the bowling green – our local sporting clubs welcome visitors warmly. The more adventurous will be able to go out on horseback, take a Fishing trip by boat, or perhaps explore the coastline from a kayak. Those who like to walk will find many routes, whether it is through the rainforest, along the coastal areas, or through the convict ruins and historic areas.

For those interested in history, you will be able to learn about the penal settlement and explore our beautifully preserved and restored collection of Georgian buildings from that era.

You will also enjoy finding out more about the Bounty and Pitcairn history of the Island’s residents. As you move around, you may hear the locals conversing with each other in their own unique dialect.

For sixty years the Melanesian Mission had an important role on the island, and a visit to the very beautiful St Barnabas’ Chapel is a must for every visitor.

There are a number of fascinating museums and galleries, but there are also many hands-on activities, shows and tours that will help you understand and appreciate Norfolk Island’s rich culture and heritage. You will soon discover you have come to a place that is special and unique in this part of the world.

The eco-tourist is also well catered for, and you will find a rich wealth of plant and bird life in places such as our National Park or our Botanical Gardens.

Beachlovers and swimmers will be delighted by our clean and picturesque beaches. A quiet paddle, a walk around the rockpools, or a snorkel around the coral is something most people will enjoy, and for those who do not want to get their feet wet, there are glass-bottom boats leaving on a regular basis to show you the colourful tropical fish and corals in our lagoons. At the other end of the scale, you may like to swim across the bay, do some scuba diving or surfing. It is all there, close at hand!

Shopping is, of course, a popular activity, and our shops offer a fine selection of goods from all over the world, as well as local products, crafts and souvenirs. Goods are duty-free, but there is a local GST.

There is a wide range of eating places, and you can indulge in a hearty cafe breakfast, a tasty coffee on the sidewalk, a light or leisurely lunch, a quick and reasonable Club meal, a picnic on the clifftop, a Garden Afternoon Tea, a Fish Fry, a Progressive Dinner, or fine dining at one of our top quality restaurants. There is so much choice.

Our visitor Information Centre, and a number of Private Tourning companies can assist you in planning and booking your holiday activities, and our own staff at Fletcher Christian are only too happy to recommend or book activities that you will enjoy. You will probably be wishing you were staying longer to fit it all in!


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